October 30, 2008

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July 02, 2008

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July 09, 2007

Fun old photos I found of Seaside

Busy Weekend

I had a coffee event... it was Bikefest... there were hundreds of motorcycles in town, I wasn't able to go out and take pictures it was too busy.  They had several vendors.. selling their wares... there was a tattoo artist, a massage therapist , there was lots and lots of leather and many patches. They also had a poker run and live music, and I didn't get to sit down at all.  :)   There were people from all over for this event.. Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, Canada, Portland, California, I am sure from more places but this was just the people I chatted with while making coffee.

I am seriously thinking about keeping the cart through next winter but then I think I will sell it.. I just don't want to do this all by myself and it is too hard to find help.. everyone is looking for help.  I do not understand why it is so hard to get help on the coast, you can find work on ever corner.

While I was doing the coffee for the event Robert was actually doing the event... he had a booth with a motorcycle that is be raffled for special Olympics.. he said he sold 70 tickets at the show so that is pretty awesome. I couldn't get out of my own way by the time it was over so I slept in Sunday morning and Robert went to Manzanita to play golf with his friend Monte, as Monte and Phyllis were heading home they stopped by and we went to breakfast we let the puppies play together for awhile and they loved it.

After they headed home Robert mowed the lawn.. then we took the bed apart that my daughter Roxane is coming to pick up this week... and moved the other bed into that room. I am so excited we are almost done with the walls in what is going to be my office/craft room. woohoo.. I cant wait to get it done.  We did some touch up in there and some spackling in the other room so we are going to finally get both rooms painted, the colors the first owners had them painted were way too dark.

July 03, 2007

I wish I was better at keeping up on the blog.. what a great couple of weeks we have had. We were surprised by some long time friends of ours... we belonged to the same church for many years. They moved away and then we moved away.. they found us on the Internet and were down camping on the coast and called. we met for dinner, it was so much fun reminiscing and visiting with them. we hope they come back soon.

My sister and her daughter and her daughters friend came down for a week and we had a great time. My sister was able to get some rest and have fun also. We went to Salem one of the days and stopped and visited with our Aunt and Uncle in Dallas, Oregon. We took them to dinner and then headed home .. but had to stop and shop at Target and Ross... I do miss Target.

One day my sister and I took off by ourselves and went to pacific City and and toured the city a little. We went to the Pelican Pub and Brew, had a great lunch and out on the patio by the ocean. We headed home and stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory and bought goodies. I love having my sister here... I wished she lived here, I wish my whole family would move down here.
I had a big coffee event last week... and it was the first one that I have done by myself since I had my surgery, It kicked my butt.... but I had a good time and felt pretty good... tired but I must be getting all my energy back because I was not wiped out when I was done. This was COSA the "Confederation of Oregon School Administrators" They were a great group.

Saturday Robert had a Rotary dinner so we dressed up and went to that.. and hey I walked in and was completely over dressed yikes. oh well.. I would rather be over dressed than under.. it was a good time had by all. Robert is President Elect and will take over in 2008 for a year (go figure).

Then Sunday we drove to Portland with friends and their friends that we had met before, we went to the "Stomp" concert... it was SOOOOO awesome I did not want it to end. You really need to see it. (Gina when were you there we were there at 3pm on Sunday)

Our friends gave us a little tour of Portland by the Rose Gardens.. beautiful. We then went to Vancouver to a restaurant called Beaches.. I didn't know we were guests. There was a sign and a menu that said welcome to .. and had our friends names on it and Seaside friends.... how cool is that.. when we were done making little piggies of our selves.. they came up and said thank you for coming your meals are taken care of.. wooohoooo.. it was a lot of fun.. and we really did get home at a decent time after all that.

Then I got up and headed to Gig Harbor to help my daughter out for the week while her husband is out of town on business, and little Danelle's birthday party. I had a really good time there and was able to have quiet time with my daughter which is very hard to do when you have children in the house. :-) On the way home I stopped off at my Sons and spent the night with them, and they made dinner and the boys had so much fun roasting marshmallows.

Robert has been pretty busy with Oregon Special Olympics this weekend, getting ready for the Miss Oregon pageant, 4th of July, and Bikefest which is all happening the first week of July. This is the department's busy season and it stays that way until early September.

I hope this find you all well, and enjoying your summer.

June 15, 2007

May 08, 2007

My day today..

I wasn't planning on blogging today.. but I came across this today and thought it might be fun to blog a day.

Link to "Get Real Monday" blog

I realized I had taken a few pictures on my way to AnneMaries.. as I was passing over the bridge to Astoria I noticed that there was a huge cruise ship docked.. and I got a closer look at it and I was so surprised to see it was the ship that Robert and I and his family were on when we went on our Cruise to Alaska a couple of years ago. I don't remember it being so huge. I had to stop and take some pictures to show them.

* * Click on photos to see them larger * *

I had to run a bunch of errands on my way to GH, so I had to take Bug in and out of the car and he was looking at me like what the heck is going on... I just had to take the picture of him in is car sit.. cracked me up.

Here is a picture of me driving over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Almost there.

I arrived at Annemaries and we took a little break in the back yard.. and Danelle' had to show me her painted toes... and Alexis and Mom were working on homework.. and Bug was running like crazy in the back yard after being couped up in the car for so many hours.

It was a great day to be traveling... the weather was beautiful, as I was passing through Longview it said it was 83 degrees.. woohoo

Drop a note in the comment section below my signature if you have time.. we would like to know how you all are doing.

May 05, 2007

Its been a long time..

Hmmm..... where do I start... it has been so long, I think it would be way too much to try and write about everything.... let me see if I can just hit the highlights. First let me say the reason it was so long was I was sick and ended up in the ER for 7 hours with no idea what was causing the intense pain, in the process of searching for the pain they found a spot on my Pancreas.. I did a follow up with my MD and he sent me back to the hospital for an ultra sound and they said yup. bad gallbladder. He said the spot on the Pancreas was too tiny to really tell anything and just to watch it every three months.

I told them I wanted to talk to a specialist in Portland to see what a spot was on my Pancreas.. They ordered more test which were not done correctly (here in seaside) so I will be going back to Portland to have them redone, in the meantime he sent me to a surgeon to discuss my gallbladder.. who said I can schedule you for surgery next week... wham bamm...I had surgery. I am glad it went that way so I could get it done and over with. Very nice hospital staff, wonderful surgeon.. everything went well.. he said I had a very sick gallbladder and it had been sick for a very long time.. but you just don’t know unless you finally end up with so much pain you end up in the ER.. lol.. sooo I spent the night in the hospital Robert and Annemarie stayed in hotel... compliments of Mark and Annemarie. thank you thank you. we headed home the next day... it was a long ride but we made it home safe and sound. yahoooo.

I am sorry no one knew until after.. things just happened way too fast. I have been recouping thanks to my family taking turns coming to help me. AnneMarie and Danelle’ came down first .. and they it was so great having them here, Deb and the boys came down after that.. I tried to go out for a walk with them..it was too much, The boys wanted to go to the beach so bad and it was so cold. Roxane and the kids came down after that.. Robert went with them and did things so I could just rest. It was so funny because Bug loved Brooke so much he wanted on her all the time.. but he was just to much, he cried when he would see her.. lol.. probably because she was a little person like him.

I thought I was finally getting through it and got zapped with a bug that everyone else had... dang it! but I am sure I am heading over the hill with that now.. Robert is the best husband ever… he has taken such good care of me. I don’t know how he does it. Thank you honey.. I love you! I feel so much better since the surgery, now I know why I was feeling sickly for soooooo long. ok.. enough of that sicky talk.

Myra and Dennis came to visit.. we had a great time.. there was some confusion tho.. they thought Bug was theirs.. we had to set them straight!
Roberts mom is doing much better... she got to do her yearly trip to Arizona with her friend; she did not get to do that last year. so she is very happy about that. She is now living in a retirement community and loving it.. There is a lot of things for her to do there.

The middle of April we had a HUGE convention here that I had to do espresso, my sister and her daughter Eleasha came up and helped Robert and we hired another girl to help.. and a girl to come in one day to give everyone a break.. I am telling you Florence told me she hated me several times.. *grin*.. she worked her butt off. I tried to give Robert and break and work some ... and it was too much for me. I had no idea it was going to be that crazy. they were so tired they wanted to cry. I so appreciate my family they are awesome! I hated it ... Florence and Eleasha had to leave right after.. and we didn’t really get to play.
I don’t know why but the rain got to me this winter.... I was really started to get depressed. I thought if it didn’t stop I was going to scream. I have no idea why it was so bad..maybe because I didn’t feel well.. but wow we had had some wonderful sunny days lately. woohoo!

What a fun time a couple of weeks ago.. there was about 35-40 digital scrapbookers that came to Seaside/Warrenton for a scrapbooking retreat.. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had. They rented two houses and could have used another, there were people from Canada Seattle, Portland, Vancouver Wa, Texas, Roseburg, I know I am forgetting.. but anyway.. designers, and scrappers.. what a AWESOME group of girls.. they shared info, and scrapping ideas.. didn’t want to do anything on my computer I wanted to absorb all the creativity in the room. I couldn’t believe it I also met two woman that went to my high school.. in San Jose, California.. now what are the chances that would happen that one would be there.. but there were two. I loved meeting everyone and it was a great weekend.

From the retreat I ran home and Robert had the car ready and we headed to Gig Harbor for Alexis's First Communion ... and it was beautiful AnneMarie had a lovely brunch at her home, it was great to see everyone and visit... but that after noon we had to get on the road and head back home.. so needless to say poor Robert was beat.. and I was hurting from being in the car too long.. but it was soooo worth it
I am still doing the espresso stand... and loving it, still volunteering at the hospital... loving it. Robert is doing well i hope he doesn’t get sick from the guys at work or me.. he has been going like crazy...he is so busy.. and still loving it. Robert is going to go to Vancouver this weekend to play golf with Monte and he soooo needs that.

My sister Florence, my mom , my SIL Sandi and myself are going on a cruise to Alaska in August and we are getting so excited.

Our puppy is just cute as can be.. we are really enjoying him. He was neutered last week and you would think nothing happen to him, the first day he slept all day … but has been running around like he didn’t have surgery. They told us not to let him jump and run… ha!!! He said no way I am laying down. I finally found a groomer in Warrenton, they were amazed at how good he was.. they said he never freaked out like young puppies normally do. THAT’S OUR BOY! *grin* I know we are disgusting aren’t me.. but he makes us smile, and the grandkids love him. I was getting little buggy staying in the house.. so last weekend Robert and I went for a drive to some falls outside of Astoria.. they were beautiful and it was good to be out and feel the sun on my face.

It was grandparents day in Alexis’s school.. and we usually go.. but I was not up to the trip so Robert took the day off and went to gig harbor himself... they had a great time, they have a book sale after the lunch and Robert and Alexis went shopping and bought books.. Robert stopped at Jade and Deb’s on the way home and dropped off a couple books for the boys, and headed home.
Seaside is getting ready for the summer… we have so much going on here and so many people coming into town. The housing is going insane.. they are building like crazy.. I think there are 3 different condo units being built and several houses..

I know I know rambled here there and everywhere.. but the scarey thing is .. that is how I talk also.. lol

If you head down this way be sure and stop in and say hi.. we always have room for guests